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CAFYIR CHRONICLES ISSUE NO. 1 - The Latest Discoveries, Updates, and More!

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Dorman, I am the Chief Operating Officer for CAFYIR and the Editor-in-Chief of our new CAFYIR Chronicles. This is a project I have been working on since July of this year and I am so excited to finally share it with you! There are a ton of fun things in store for this newspaper but to start here are a few of the latest discoveries, current events, CAFYIR updates, and fun facts. Enjoy!


The CAFYIR Chronicles was developed to inspire and educate folks, of all ages, on wordly topics, global citizens, and relevant movements. We encourage people of all ages to continue learning and striving to pursue the endless possibilities that the world has to offer. To learn more about CAFYIR's mission, workshops, learning opportunities, and community appearances visit our website. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


Any thoughts, opinions, beliefs, or otherwise personal ideas expressed in this publication are representative of the individual writer or volunteer and not CAFYIR Inc. as an organization. CAFYIR Inc. strives to offer a space for students and volunteers to share their unique perspectives, interests, and ideas while also offering an unbiased platform for education, discussion and critical thought.



Written By Emily Dorman

James Baldwin was a famous writer and activist who used his voice to write multiple novels, essays, and playwrights. As an openly gay, Black man in the heat of the civil rights movement, Baldwin faced a number of obstacles. Despite these obstacles, he contributed to societal change by challenging topics relating to race, sexuality, poverty, and so much more in his writing.

A notable example of this is his autobiography, Go Tell It on the Mountain. Baldwin's autobiography depicts his struggles growing up in Harlem as a Black boy under the poverty line. In addition to being an astounding piece of writing, this novel raised awareness of the systemic issues present in society.

He used this platform for more good and published another novel, The Fire Next Time which played a significant role in forwarding the goals of the Civil Rights Movement. Baldwin's activism spanned beyond writing as he collaborated with many other impactful civil rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Medgar Evers, and Malcolm X.

Not only was Baldwin successful in writing, but his work on broadway was also successful; with his second play being Blues for Mister Charlie.

Baldwin's hard work in stimulating change and his role in societal reform did not go unrecognized. In 1986 the writer/activist was awarded the commander position for the Legion of Honor by the French President at the time.

James Baldwin left a lasting legacy on the world and has inspired generations of individuals to stand up for what they believe in. He furthered the message that everyone can make a difference in their own way--whether that be through voting, protesting, or art.

Going beyond just voting, protesting, and art, there are so many other ways we can stand up for what we believe in, so let James Baldwin's approach to activism motivate you to engage in the endeavors you are truly passionate about and use your voice for positive progress!



Written By Anjali Basant

Hello everyone! My name is Anjali and I am a CAFYIR volunteer. On June 11, 2022 I attended the local March for Our Lives Demonstration in Orlando, FL.

"For some background, March for Our Lives is an organization that formed as a result of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy in 2018. The organization focuses on advocating for gun reform in the United States and educating individuals on the inequities and conditions that prompt gun violence.

March for Our Lives' demonstrations throughout the country on June 11, 2022 reflected that entirely. Regardless of how you feel about gun reform in the United States, the demonstration was a beautiful depiction of what the 1st amendment, as outlined in the U.S. Bill of Rights, allows.

There were a number of speakers present, ranging from political advocates to families of those affected by gun violence. The speakers shared their own experiences with gun violence and discussed the implications of gun reform.

Anna Eskamani, a representative in the Florida House, also spoke about her ongoing efforts to pass common-sense gun reform at the state level. Dominique Douglas was another speaker at the demonstration. Douglas is a student at Florida A&M University College of Law and she was related to two of the victims in the Buffalo, NY tragedy.

After listening to all the speakers, the walk began. People were enthusiastic, emotional, and eager to rally behind a common cause. The group was large enough to shut down the roads moving towards downtown Orlando!

Overall, it was an amazing experience and it was nice to see so many people come together for a good cause! I felt that it was very impactful to hear all the work that is happening in the "gun reform arena," but there is so much more that can still be done to create better laws around gun ownership in this country."

Photos by Various Artists from Unsplash & Instagram


Written By Emily Dorman

Photos by Various Artists from Unsplash

Cryptozoologists are scientists who study, research, and work to detect the existence of cryptids. Cryptids are animals considered to be extinct or maybe even mythical. Cryptozoologists often investigate the disputed existence of creatures like bigfoot, the loch ness monster, and dragons.

Now, this may sound silly but cryptozoologists have contributed to the discoveries and research of so many species we know today! The scientists have discovered the existence of previously disputed species like the giant squid, the okapi, and the komodo dragon.

Plus, cryptozoologists must be extremely educated in their field. You need a degree in either zoology or biology in order to become a Cryptozoologist. This job requires lots of traveling, sometimes to remote locations, and if you discover a new species you get to name it!

Would you want to be a cryptozoologist?

Photos by Various Artists from Unsplash

Written By Emily Dorman

As of 2022, NASA has discovered more than 5,000 exoplanets! An exoplanet is a planet that orbits a star beyond our solar system. This includes rocky super-Earths, gas giants, ice giants, and so much more!

We have made a huge step in confirming 5,000 exoplanets, but there are still trillions the scientists believe are left to be discovered. Space is limitless and holds an infinite number of undiscovered wonders so keep being curious and learning more about our Universe!



Written By Emily Dorman

The youth climate strike is making a comeback! The youth climate strike was first started by youth activist, Greta Thunberg, in 2018. Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old at the time, was so appalled by the ongoing climate crisis that she went on a school strike. Each day she sat outside the Swedish parliament and, by 2019, Thumberg's peaceful protesting transformed into a movement when an estimated 250,000 people in New York walked alongside her.

Photos by Various Artists from Unsplash

The group of individuals walked in an attempt to urge Wall Street to redirect their funding towards renewable energy and away from harmful fossil fuels. About 6 million young people participated in the youth climate strike that year making it one of the largest climate strikes in history.

For the last two years, activists were forced to virtually organize the annual strike due to the pandemic. The movement is just beginning to return to the streets but is still inspiring millions across the globe.

Students were found protesting outside investment banks in Tokyo, in waist-deep water bringing attention to the floods in Bangladesh, and at the Neumayer Station III Research Facility protesting the melting of glaciers in Antarctica for this year's climate strike.

Ultimately, Thunberg's message is inspiring. If you too are passionate about the climate movement, stay motivated and do not be afraid to make your voice heard!



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Lucky in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries.







Curated By Alexis Dorman

"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all."
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Filmed By Emily Dorman

Learn more about the life and legacy of Mr. Rogers by checking out the documentary created by the CAFYIR Chronicle's Editor-in-Chief, herself, Emily!



Thanks for reading the first issue of the CAFYIR Chronicles! Stay tuned for our second issue next week and, in the meantime, stay curious and search for new discoveries!

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