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Stress Relief Hacks and So Much More!

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

In today's blog we have some exciting updates regarding our social media, a fun activity that deals with stress relief, we also have lots of interesting holidays from around the world that you can learn about. Enjoy and get in touch with us using #CAFYIR on social media!

Cover Art by Alexis!


CAFYIR on the Computer

This week our CAFYIR on the Computer Teams are working on a variety of activities! Our Kindergarten through 5th graders are learning about setting career goals and out 6th through 8th graders are prefacing the book we'll be reading: "Live a Thousand Years."

CAFYIR Social Media

This past Friday CAFYIR introduced bilingual posts! Our daily social media posts are now in both English and Spanish. Check them out!

Instagram: @cafyir

Twitter: @cafyir

Get Involved

If you'd like to get involved and help us provide hands-on and interactive lessons and workshops to students, check out our GoFundMe page and consider donating! Your donations will go towards materials for our students and our workshops. Materials include books for our lending library, STEM equipment for our workshops, and technology that students can use!

Can't donate but still want to help out? Consider sending your gently used books or school supplies (i.e. binders, backpacks, textbooks, and pencil cases) to 6441 S Chickasaw Trail, Ste. 189, Orlando, FL 32829. The supplies will be used as a part of our curriculum or given to students in need.


Fantastic Fact Floor

Today's fun facts deal with food! If you have any fun facts that you'd like to share, share them with us using the #CAFYIR on social media and it may be featured in next week's post!

  1. Did you know that you can buy a pyramid-shaped watermelon in Japan?!?!

  2. Did you know that peanut butter can be turned into diamond?!?!

  3. Did you know that hot dogs can last in landfills for more than 20 years?!?!

  4. Did you know that a long time ago writers would use bread crumbs as erasers?!?!

  5. Did you know that you can make a battery out of a potato?!?!


Tip Toolbox

This week's focus is coping with stress. These tips and tricks may help you handle stress in your daily life. If you have tips or tricks that you'd like to share, use the #CAFYIR on social media!

Elementary School Students:

Take a Break! It is important that you take frequent breaks throughout the day to reset and refresh. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed take a quick, 5 minute break to walk around and relax your mind.

Middle School Students:

Eat Healthy Foods! By eating healthy foods your energy levels will be more consistent throughout the day furthermore, reducing stress to your mind and body. Eating healthy doesn't mean that you are NEVER allowed to have french fries or candy. Instead, it means that your diet should consist mainly of the main food groups (i.e. fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, etc.).

High School Students:

Think Positive! It may sound crazy but the stress levels of an optimist are thought to be less than that of the opposite. By keeping a positive mindset, using positive affirmations to remind yourself that you are valid and successful, and thinking positively about the future your energy levels will be higher and your stress levels will be lower.

College Students:

Have an Outlet! When navigating college life find hobbies, sports, or clubs that you enjoy that allow you to take a break from your classes and other responsibilities. Whether your outlet is biking, soccer, or art club find whatever works to help you relax.


Seek Support! If you're feeling stressed reach out to a reliable source of support, whether that's a partner, parent, or friend. By talking to another person or seeking help, you'll be less stressed, more present, and more energized when working to support your kids.


Holiday Hub

If there's a holiday you celebrate, share it with us using the #CAFYIR on social media!

November 18, 2020

Mickey Mouse's Birthday: Mickey Mouse first debuted in the short film "Steamboat Willie" on November 18, 1928. That would make Mickey 92 years old! Wow! A fun fact about Mickey Mouse is that he has a middle name: it's Theodore. To celebrate Mickey's birthday try drawing him with the step-by-step video linked here.

National Education Support Professionals Day: This holiday was officially established in 1987 to commemorate all of the school support staff. Education Support Professionals Day is celebrated every year on the Wednesday of American Education Week which is also this week! School support staff is essentially everyone who is not a full-time teacher. Some examples include, but are not limited to administrators, counselors, special education teachers, and so much more. To celebrate this National Education Support Professionals Day thank you school's support staff and let them know they're appreciated!

Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia: Latvia observes this Proclamation Day as an anniversary of independence from Germany and Russia in World War I. On this day Latvians engage in a variety of festivities, one of which is lighting candles to place in the windows of their homes to commemorate all of the heroes who fought for Latvian independence. To learn more about Latvia check out the video here.

National Day in Oman: Oman's National Day is meant to celebrate the country's independence from Portugal in 1650. This makes Oman the oldest independent country in the Arab world! Festivities on the National Day in Oman include parades, fireworks, camel races, and so much more. To learn more about Oman check out the video here.

Vertieres Day in Haiti: Vertieres Day is celebrated in Haiti to commemorate the final battle in the Haitian Revolution. This battle sparked a path to independence within two months. On this holiday Haiti's president will give a commemoration speech and various patriotic events will be held across the country. Watch the video linked here to learn more about the departments of Haiti.

Moroccan Independence Day: This holiday is meant to celebrate the anniversary of independence in Morocco. On November 18, 1955 it was announced that Morocco was free from French and Spanish rule. In addition to celebrating the anniversary, this holiday is also meant to commemorate Morocco's continued commitment to freedom and independence. To learn more about Morocco check out the video here.

November 19, 2020

Great American Smokeout: The Great American Smokeout is observed annually as a way to encourage people to stop smoking. When people stop smoking they are reducing their chances of cancer and a variety of other diseases. To learn more about the dangers of smoking check out the video here.

World Philosophy Day: Philosophy is one of the most important fields of human thought. World Philosophy Day was officially established in 2005 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). World Philosophy Day is meant to promote philosophical concepts and debate that respect dignity and diversity. To celebrate World Philosophy Day check out this article: "10 Philosophical Questions Children Should Ask."

Garifuna Settlement Day: Garifuna Settlement Day is one of the most important holidays in Belize. The Garifuna originally landed in Dangriga where the holiday is primarily celebrated. The holiday is celebrated with music, dancing, parades, and prayer. They also celebrate with traditional foods serre, hudut, and cassava. To learn more about celebrating Garifuna Settlement Day check out the video here.

National Day of Monaco: Also known as Sovereign Prince's Day, the National Day of Monaco dates back to the 19th century under Prince Charles III's rule. This holiday is celebrated in Monaco with a parade in front of the palace, fireworks shows, concerts, and so much more. To learn more about Monaco check out the video here.

Discovery Day of Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico's Discovery Day is observed across the country to celebrate the discovery of Puerto Rico in 1493. The holiday is celebrated with parades, fairs, and other cultural events. To learn more about Puerto Rico check out the video here.

November 20, 2020

World Children's Day: World Children's Day dates back to 1954 and was originally recognized as Universal Children's Day. This holiday is meant to promote child welfare, child awareness, and global togetherness. November 20th is significant because it is the anniversary of the passing of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959 and the Convention of the Rights of the Child in in 1989. You can celebrate World Children's Day by drawing a picture of what you want the world to look like for children!

Chhath Puja: Chhath Puja is a Hindu festival that spans four days and is primarily celebrated by the people of Bihar, Jharkhand, eastern Uttar Pradesh, and the Madhesh region in Nepal. During Chhath Puja Hindus worship Surya Dev, Shashti Devi to promote prosperity and well-being. People celebrate Chhath Puja with prayer, offerings, and other festivities. To learn more about Chhath Puja check out the video here.

Revolution Day Memorial in Mexico: Mexico's Revolution Day is observed yearly to celebrate the revolution that began in 1910 that was meant to overthrow the dictator, José de la Cruz Porfirio Diaz Mori. Revolution Day Memorial in Mexico is celebrated with festivals, parades, and shouting! People also tell stories, sing songs, and eat foods like enchiladas and tostadas. To learn more about Mexico's history check out the video here.

Africa Industrialization Day: Industrialization is extremely important for progressive and inclusive economic development. Sustained industrialization will help to reduce poverty and increase employment in many African nations. In 1989 Africa Industrialization Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly to raise awareness on the importance of industrialization in Africa and the challenges that many African nations face. To learn more about industrialization in Africa check out the video here.

Black Consciousness Day in Brazil: Black Consciousness Day, also known as Black Awareness Day, is observed yearly in Brazil to recognize the black community for the circumstances in which their ancestors came to Brazil and the significant contributions the black community have made to the country that have not always been recognized in the past. November 20 was chosen because it is the death anniversary of Brazilian civil rights activist, Zumbi dos Palmares. On Black Awareness Day there are concerts, lectures, and other educational events. To learn more about Black Awareness Day in Brazil check out the video here.

November 21, 2020

National Adoption Day: National Adoption Day is meant to raise awareness on the more than 100,000 children, in foster care, who are waiting to be adopted in the USA. National Adoption Day is observed with local events. Check out this video here to see how some families celebrate National Adoption Day!

World Hello Day: World Hello Day dates back to the conflict between Egypt and Israel in 1973. This holiday works to promote world peace emphasizing the importance personal communication. More than 180 countries observe World Hello Day and people celebrate by sending letters to their leaders and sparking conversation regarding peace. To celebrate World Hello Day say hello to 10 people or check out this video here to learn how to say hello in different languages!

Dignity and Freedom Day in Ukraine: Dignity and Freedom Day commemorates the Orange Revolution and Revolution of Dignity. This holiday is observed yearly with gatherings and celebration. To learn more about Ukraine check out this video here.

Armed Forces Day in Greece: Armed Forces Day in Greece recognizes the armed forces who fight for peace and unity within Greece. Armed Forces Day is celebrated by flying the Hellenic flag and other patriotic events. To learn more about Greece check out this video here.

November 22, 2020

Go For a Ride Day: Go For a Ride Day encourages people to get off the technology and take a ride! To celebrate Go For a Ride Day take a ride in the car, on your bike, however you'd like and enjoy the outdoors!

Christ the King Day: Christ the King Day is a religious holiday that is celebrated in Mexico. This holiday is meant to recognize Christ as the king of all kings. To celebrate, churches hold celebratory masses.

Harvest Festival in Turkmenistan: Also known as Hasyl Bayramy, the Harvest Festival in Turkmenistan is observed to celebrate the new harvest. During the Harvest Festival agricultural workers and scientists are recognized. People celebrate the Harvest Festival with concerts, contests, and meetings. To learn more about Turkmenistan check out this video here.

Albanian Alphabet Day: Albanian Alphabet Day is observed in nations such as Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia. This day commemorates the Congress of Manastir, an academic congress, that worked to standardize the Albanian alphabet. This was an important step in the development of independent Albanian culture. To learn more about the Albanian alphabet check out this video here.

Teacher's Day in Costa Rica: Teacher's Day is celebrated in Costa Rica as a way to express appreciation for all that teachers and educators do for students. Students and schools express their appreciation by giving their teachers gifts and organizing school trips. To learn more about Costa Rica check out this video here.

Independence Day in Lebanon: Lebanese Independence Day commemorates Lebanon gaining independence from France in 1941. The first post-independence president was elected in 1943. Today, people celebrate Independence Day in Lebanon by marching, gathering, and so much more. To learn more about Lebanon check out this video here.

Sunday of the Dead in Germany: Also known as Totensonntag, Sunday of the Dead is a Lutheran holiday meant to honor all those who have died. It is always observed the Sunday before Advent as a way to begin the Christmas season. To learn more about Germany check out this video here.

November 23, 2020

National Espresso Day: Espresso is a thick, strong, Italian coffee and is a base for many popular coffee drinks. Espresso dates back to Italy in the early 20th century but is now enjoyed by people all over the world. Celebrate National Espresso Day today by heading to your local coffee shop and enjoying an espresso drink!

National Sovereignty Day in Argentina: Also known as Día de la Soberanía Nacional, National Sovereignty Day recognizes the Battle of Vuelta de Obligado that took place in 1845. This battle was a significant step in the direction of Argentinian freedom and continues to be celebrated today. To learn more about Argentina check out this video here.

Saint George's Day: Saint George's Day is celebrated in nations like England, recognizing Saint George. Saint George's Day is a feast day where people eat food and celebrate with gatherings. To learn more about Saint George check out this video here.

Labor Thanksgiving Day in Japan: Also known as kinrōkanshahi, Labor Thanksgiving Day commemorates Japanese workers. Labor Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for all workers do and is celebrated with small gatherings across the country. To learn more about Japan check out this video here.

Rudolf Maister Day in Slovenia: Rudolf Maister Day recognizes the general who established the first modern-day army in Slovenia. To celebrate this holiday people visit the presidential palace and members of the armed forces stand in honor of Rudolf Maister. To learn more about Slovenia check out this video here.

November 24, 2020

Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur: Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur is a Sikh holiday. Sikh followers remember Guru Tegh Bahadur who stands as an example of religious freedom to Sikhs. Sikhs celebrate this holiday with music, dance, and performance martial arts. To learn more about Sikhism check out this video here.


Activity Area

This week's YouTube Activity is based on our video: Stress Relief

Once you've watched this week's video choose one of the stress techniques outlined in the video and create a plan on how you will implement it into your daily life.

Stress Relief Techniques Outlines:






Our Example:

Now create your own stress relief plan and share it with us on social media using the #CAFYIR.


Enthusiasm Expanse

Weekly Motivation:

"Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it." - Rapunzel

Weekly Writing Prompt:

Who is your role model and why?

Share your responses with us on social media using the #CAFYIR.


Alexis' Special Segment

For today, I would like to offer a book recommendation! This book is adorable and perfect for all ages. I read it with the CAFYIR on the Computer, our virtual program, students this week while discussing career goals.

The book it titled "When I Grow Up" by Al Yankovic

You can purchase it on Amazon or listen to the read along here!

Let me know what you think of the book using the #CAFYIR on social media.


"We Challenge You!"

This week, we challenge you to learn something new! Whether it's a new word, words in a new language, a new fact about your favorite animal, or something new about how your favorite movie was made take the time to seek out new information.

Share the new thing you learned with us on social media using #CAFYIR and we will feature one response on next week's blog post.


Conclusion and Contact Us

Thank you for reading this week's blog. We hope you enjoyed! Check back next week for a new post. In the meantime connect with us on social media:

Instagram: @cafyir

Twitter: @cafyir

Tik Tok: @cafyir

YouTube: @cafyir



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